Stone that speaks volume

With its entrepreneurial spirit, the group has spawned
several industries of huge importance such as, mining
& mineral exploration, industrial infrastructure
development, energy, natural granite & quartz surface
manufacturing (100% Export Oriented Units) and last
but not the least, sports development.

PMB Group of companies are building businesses
that are seeking to differentiate themselves through
innovation, entrepreneurship, trustworthiness and
value-driven business operations while balancing the
interests of diverse stakeholders, employees and civil

PM Quartz Surface

Quartz countertops are made with 90% natural quartz minerals. We use
pure natural minerals along with organic binders to transform them into
beautiful quartz surfaces.

These quartz surfaces are hygienic, state-of-the art surfaces with non-
porous and high durability. They are glossy surfaces that are non-porous
in texture and use a high-quality organic polymer to bind the natural
quartz stone. They have high resistance against scratching, abrasion,
staining and chemicals.

Natural Quartz surface is the perfect solution for countertops that go into
kitchens, sinks and bathrooms. There are no limitations when it comes to its
usage. Since they are extremely sturdy, durable, hygienic, environmentally
friendly and easy to clean, there are no ends to the application of quartz.
They come in a variety of colours and designs and are the best substitute
for natural stone.


To be a leading surfaces manufacturer, by offering
unique and trendy products that raise the standards
and serve as an investment. We also want to ensure
our products are available across the globe.


To innovate and expand our product line and
manufacturing facilities. We want to work closely with
nature and use technology to help our clients find
products that they fall in love with. Our goal is to ensure
utmost satisfaction of our customers, stakeholders and employees.
Our Process
    • Feeding and
    • Molding
    • Processing
    • Curing
    • Calibrating
    • Polishing

Our Team

We take pride in our team. We have a strong technically experienced team with decades of
experience who work hand-in-hand with us. Our team is our family and we treat them with
care. At PM Quartz, we give utmost importance to Health and Safety of all our employees
and accordingly comply and contribute towards the wellbeing of our employees. The
company is headed by the talented B. Hemachandra Babu, whose vision is to ensure
PM Quartz scales on global proportions.